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Optimize your last-mile delivery and drivers rout with a powerful tool, start to reduce costs now

What is Route Optimization software and how it works?

Logiico smart routing software helps you to find the shortest and fastest way to deliver your product or service to your customers. Our algorithm examines and calculates different possible ways and routes to find the shortest or fastest way for you to get to your customers. We often suggest 30% shorter routes than a human being.


Route Planning

Logiico Route Optimizer best features

Our unique features helps you to cluster your delivery locations, sort them among each group and assign them to the right Driver, easily

Capacity Constraints

Logiico Route Optimizer tool will consider your car's capacity to avoid overload or empty potentials

Delivery Time Window Consideration

Avoid embarrassing of promise braking moment with your customers, Logiico route Optimization engine consider your delivery due to the date or time window, be just on time

Live-Traffic Data

Traffic might disrupt your planning, so our smart route optimization Engine will plan your delivery schedule based on live traffic data

Sort delivery stops for the best

In addition of clustering and grouping delivery locations, logiico Engine sort stops or location to make the most efficient route possible

Route Suggestion

After you plan your delivery based on what your business needs, our route optimization engine suggests every driver a specific route, extremely smart!

Unload Time Calculation (Service Time)

Your drivers need time to Unload or deliver orders into your customer's hands, by calculating service time, you consider every little detail to gain the most efficiency

An effective way to Reduce Cost in your delivery Business

Plan and schedule your deliveries just in a few click, our engine helps you to better decisions

Reduce Driver Travel Time

With a happy employee, grow fast among your competitors, so reduce their driving time with our smart route optimization engine

Increase Number Of Happy Customers

Deliver on-time and reduce customers wait time, make them think about how good your delivery system is

Be Green, Don't Use Fuel You Don't Need

Shorter ways up to 20% means, less fuel cost and lesser CO2 production

Deliver More With Fewer Delivery-man/woman

Considering your fleet capacity, we could reduce your fleet number and save your service level at the same time, really nice!

Plan Your Delivery, Simple, Easy And Smart

Stop worrying and feel no stress, just a few click to plan all of your deliveries in a few seconds, simple and easy

Use Logiico Route Optimization Engine, In Every Way Possible.

We provide two simple ways to use Our route Optimizer tool, don’t feel left out!

Excel File

Import your orders data files, let the algorithm calculate the best routes for your delivery, then Export an excel file to use in third party software

API Integration

If you use any third-party software like ERPs, delivery management systems, or any CRMs, you can import data into the algorithm automatically

A Complete Solution To Plan And Schedule Your Delivery And Any Location-Based Services

We could customize our route optimization engine and algorithm for your business and industry


Drug Distribution

Field Forces

E-Commences And Online Stores

Restaurants And Fast Foods

Goods Distribution Companies

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